Thursday, 28 July 2011


"Battle spec helmet kit" Price: £199.00 from
and propmaker Andrew Ainsworth

"Stormtrooper Armour + helmet kit" Price: £750.00 from
and propmaker Andrew Ainsworth

"E11 Blaster" Price: £150.00 from
and propmaker Andrew Ainsworth

So, for under a £1000 GBP you can pretty much get a full Stormtrooper costume and blaster from the original UK propmaker. OK, that really just ROCKS! Granted, the boots/shoes aren't included and it's the kit set option ie you have to assemble yourself (a bit of work), but that kinda makes it a real dream Star Wars DIY job to me.

Oh yeah, the reason I've featured this is after seeing the following event on the TV ONE news tonight:

"Following Andrew's December 2009 win against Lucas in the Court of Appeal, Lucasfilm took its case to the UK Supreme Court in a further attempt to enforce its copyright claims against Andrew.

However, in July 2011 the Supreme Court backed the decisions of the lower courts, leaving Andrew free to continue producing and selling his authentic replica helmets in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world excluding USA. Read more on the BBC website."

Lots more interesting stuff on their "Introduction" page also, click here.

"There's one very simple reason why our products are the most authentic available. We produced the original items for the 1976 Star Wars A New Hope film and, all these years later, we're the only company that can claim "By the original maker. From the original moulds.". Read more about our story below, from fishponds to Stormtroopers and beyond!"

Rock on Andrew and team, rock on! Now, for me, it's time to start saving... ;-)

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