Art, animation & design, Aliens, Predators & awe-inspiring monsters and robots, cute furry animals with guns, funky tees, funny images, incredible illustrations, amazing alliteration action, galaxies far, far away and also a tad closer (Star Wars & SWTOR), computer games, action figures, frickin’ laser beams, LEGO sculptures, precise pixel perfection, widescreen wallpapers, more alliteration and words from a thesaurus, movie and propaganda posters, super sexy retro bits (I don’t even know what this means?!), “beer o’clock!”, Batman and many other outstanding pictures, references and popular links of pure awesomeness (well, things I find interesting!).

How to Carve Roast Unicorn is daily pop culture and Web inspiration found by me and fed to you in tasty, bite-sized viewing proportions. Oh, and I sometimes create and post ‘stuff’ made by me too, but never anything about carnies… with their stupid, small hands… that smell of cabbage… *shiver*

Barn Bocock aka HtCRU

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