Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Spread the word :-D

To celebrate reaching 100+ Members on my How to Carve Roast Unicorn blog, and with only two months left of 2011, I’m doing a competition giveaway…

To get an entry into the draw simply leave a comment below saying, well, whatever you like really &/or reblog the equivalent post on my Tumblr site ;-) Doing both will get you x2 entries. Winner will get to pick from any available t-shirt or polo from HtCRU tees and I’ll then post it to them anywhere in the world for free, rah!

Also, for the entire month of November in the lead up to Christmas (and the end of the world), entering the Discount code (see code below) at the “Cart” section before “Checkout” will give a 15% discount on ALL stock at HtCRU tees. The code is:


Spread the word and good luck!

HtCRU /salutes all

PS Competition will close Tuesday 8th November 2011 after I have toast & tea. I’ll get in-touch with the winner then as well as announcing it via my blogs & Twitter. Code is valid for the whole of November :-)


  1. I've been following this blog for a long time and I'm so happy there's a giveaway!

    I'd kill to have that Doctor Who hoodie, but unavailable :(

    If that's still unavailable by picking day, I guess I'll take my second favorite, the Red and White Sith sweatshirt/hoodie!

    I hope you guys don't run out of the Doctor Who one though D:

  2. I'd love to print the "Who hoodie" again (very limited last run for a cool product imho), but I need to have more people email me that they would buy it (and their sex/size for hoodie). I can then put it up for preorder so I can print the exact number per sex/size of item. Email howtocarveroastunicorn@gmail.com

    @119480 The Cthulu: cheers for following *hug*

  3. yay freebies (and coupon)
    been following since i saw the brand wars
    reminds me of (grocery)store wars vid i watched some time ago

  4. I see i picked a good time to get back to following the blogs i used to follow religiously see I missed lots of awesome I need to catch up on. Glad I came back!

  5. Good to have your entries and to see you here. GL.

  6. Hey,

    Bonjour from France, I really like your Dr. Who and Star Wars tees :)

    Thanks for everything !

  7. G'day France from NZ - good to see you :-D

  8. Huge fan of the Sith red hoodies, great design

  9. Using a random number generator with the dozen entry names, the free tee winner is number “8”… err…


    Fire me an email at howtocarveroastunicorn@gmail.com so we can sort a prize out for you. Congrats :-D