Tuesday, 6 September 2011


"Call of Cthulhu - The Card Game cover by Fantasy Flight Games" by Cyril Van Der Haegen aka tegehel

"The Birth of Cthulhu" by Cyril Van Der Haegen aka tegehel

"Do you know how sometimes you get strange ideas by looking at your surroundings and by associating things that have seemingly nothing in common? somehow, your creative Muse manages to invent something new with a bric-a-brac of objects, sounds, smells, colors or words.

I was trying to imagine how H.P.Lovecraft ever managed to invent such a massive universe and instead of deep and intensive researches in Libraries and Museums, why wouldn't he just put things together at the dinner table? Now imagine a scene where Howard is at home, eating some sea-food spaghetti while reading some encyclopedia on fish, bats and other magazines. Suddenly, a light bulb pops at about 100 watts and he puts it all together:

Squidhead + tentacles + batwings + fishbody = Cthulhu

The Magazines spell: Miss + Cat + ...tonic and he creates Miskatonic University. (He did have a cat called Felis)

He looks at the flowers he bought week and invents the sign of the Elders.

With Cthulhu in mind, he just had to take a look at that wonderful Greek beer called "Mythos" and there you have it, The Cthulhu Mythos."...

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