Tuesday, 26 April 2011


"Game Over" by Barn Bocock aka HtCRU / HtCRU available at RIPT Apparel Tuesday, 26th April

Click here to buy before you die ;-)

"Game Over - rectangle Sticker" available via my RedBubble


  1. Will this be for sale anywhere else? I am so sad I missed this :(

  2. It will be going up for sale at my RedBubble store very soon (in a day or two) once I get the test prints back - I always review the size and colouring of my images before I sell so I can tweak and test the quality (lots of colour boosting/correcting to make them as good as possible).


    There will be two versions - a "normal"/original size and then an enlarged image edition more like the print at RIPT (approx. 11½" wide).

    Many thanks for your interest. Let's Rock! *rat-tat-tat-tat!*

    Barn aka HtCRU

  3. Thank you so much for the info (late, I know) but I feel like you always find out about these 1-day tshirt sites AFTER the good shirts went on sale.

  4. No probs you two. Always try to answer any comments and get the info out A-SAP.

    "Game Over" tees and stickers are live at my RedBubble and I'm thinking about making it into a iPhone/iPad/Laptop skin at Society6 very soon also.

    Happy Friday!